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Christena Wiseman - 

As Alzheimer’s began to claim my mother-in-law,  I wanted to make her something to help her so I made her a quilt with her family’s names and pictures and we hung it on her wall at the care facility.  She could then check it and remember names with faces. Unfortunately my sister-in-law who isn’t a quilter decided to wash it before giving it back so I know it can’t win, but at least it can give an idea to those who are going through the slow goodbye with a loved one. It will brighten their days.

Susan Armington - 

I made this wall hanging for my best friend.  She and I first met in our 50s and when we compared our histories the similarities were so amazing that it was as if we had the same memories of our youth.  Kitty Pippen's applique pattern seemed to be a good way to symbolize 50 years of experiences finally coming together in a wonderful friendship.

Peggy Schrader -

My sister passed away in 2020. She made some of these blocks with fabric left over from projects. I made more blocks from her stash and made this wall hanging. I think of the love I had for her every time I look at it.