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Wonderfil Novelty Pack Expressive Quilting- Fruit Punch

Includes 9 total spools:
1x Spagetti™ 12wt double gassed Egyptian cotton
1x Konfetti™ 50wt double gassed Egyptian cotton
1x GlaMore™ 12wt rayon with 1 strand metallic
1x Spotlite™ 40wt rayon core metallic
1x FabuLux™ 40wt trilobal polyester
1x Mirage™ 30wt random dyed rayon
2x DecoBob™ 80wt cottonized polyester
1x InvisaFil™ 100wt cottonized polyester

The Expressive Quilting pack includes all the threads needed to make an impact, whether that means going bold with thick and glittery threads, or blending right into the fabric where it can't even be seen. Included is everything from ultra low-lint cottons to shiny variegated polyester and rayon threads, as well as glittering metallics and invisible ultra-fine threads. Experiment and discover something new!