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Quilter's Select 14x14 Wool Press & Cut Mat

Select Wool Press & Cut Mat

14” x 14” Mat for Cutting and Ironing

Two great functions in one portable mat!

One side for Cutting!

• 1” markings numbered from right to left/left to right for ambidextrous use.
• Marked in 1/8” increments for you most detailed cutting projects.
• Most common angles included.

One side for Pressing!

• 8mm wool press mat.
• Reduces pressing time by reflecting heat into the fabric, warming the fabric from both sides when pressing.
• Creates crisp, flat seams.
• Perfect for quilt blocks and machine embroidery.


Mat care tips:
Do not roll. Iron ONLY on the wool side, not on the cutting side. When pressing with steam on the wool pad, allow wool to cool before turning over to avoid condensation. Avoid exposure of the cutting side to direct sunlight & excessive heat, which may cause cutting mat to warp.