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RNK Cosplay Mighty Fuse

Cosplay Mighty Fuse

Need to add strength or body to your fabric? Enter “Mighty Fuse”. Bring two fabrics together for an amazingly strong hold.

What Sets Our Product Apart from the Competition?

Mighty Fuse is the perfect fusible for your next project. Paper backed to draw your designs on. Very sheer on even the lightest fabrics. Strong, permanent hold. Fuse and layer fabrics for strength and body. Anywhere you would glue fabric together, you can use Mighty Fuse instead.

Mighty Fuse is Perfect for:

  • Logos 
  • Sheer layers like feathers, scales, or wings.
  • Backings to collars and other projects that need facings.
  • Making a quick fix for cosplay repair.
  • Appliques
  • Quilting projects

And Much More!