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Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional Coverstitch Machine

Are you looking for a machine that will give your sewing projects that professional finish and is easy to use, the CoverPro 3000 Professional is the one!

This professional cover stitch machine sews fine weight fabrics through to heavy weight fabrics (light weight knits, jersey, lycra, organza, crepes, rayon, cotton, linen, denim, fleecy, woollens & more). Stitches available: Triple Top Cover stitch, 2 needle Wide Top Cover stitch, 2 needle Narrow Top Cover stitch, Triple Cover stitch, Double Cover stitch (6mm & 3mm) and Single Chain stitch. Time-saving features include a built-in needle threader, built-in top cover stitch guide with spreader and a Fine Mode switch for stitching lightweight fine knit fabrics. Bright LED lighting illuminates the workspace from 3 locations, one being our innovative retractable sewing light, positioned top left on the machine, above the needle area. The flat work-area can convert to a free-arm work-area for hemming sleeves, necklines, trousers, leggings or any small project.

Additional information

Number of Threads


Cover Hem

Yes, using 3 or 2 needles

Top Cover Hemming

Yes, using 3 or 2 needles. Machine has built-in top cover guide with spreader.

Chain Stitch


Threading Chart

Yes, located inside front opening cover

Colour Coded Thread Guides


Needle Threader

Yes, built-in with needle selection slider.

Type of Tension

Manual, lay-in thread tension

Tension Release

Yes, lift presser foot

Fine Mode Switch

Pre-set tension for sewing light weight fabrics. Set lever on machine front to FINE when sewing fine stretchable fabrics. Regular setting STD for standard.

Sewing Speed

up to 1000 stitches per minute

Adjustable Stitch Length

1mm to 4mm

Differential Feed Ratio

0.5mm to 2.25mm

Adjustable Foot Pressure


Free Arm

Yes, removable extension table

Workarea to right of needle

W143 x H100mm


Bright LED lighting in 3 locations including the retractable sewing light.

Needle System

EL x 705

Machine Weight


Machine Cover

Yes, soft cover

Thread Cutter

Yes, on face plate

Accessory Box


Foot Control


Carry Handle

Yes, short handle, folds flat into the top of the machine.

Machine Size

W412 x H335 x D245mm

Instructional DVD