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Brother Skitch Embroidery Machine


Embroidery for beginners! With the Skitch Single-Needle Embroidery Machine, individual customization to almost any project is now within reach. With its industrial looks, modern design, and required connection with Artspira¹, the Skitch Single-Needle Embroidery Machine will inspire every project. With a 4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm) maximum embroidery area and with an embroidery speed of 400 SPM, adding a personal touch to projects is fast and easy. The Skitch Single-Needle Embroidery Machine will look great in your house, hobby room, or any space that sparks your creativity.

Artspira is required to use the machine. You can use Artspira Standard that allows you to transfer designs from the app to the machine, use the embroidery drawing tool and browse projects OR access Artspira+ that allows you to import designs, digitize, cross stitch, browse projects and use advanced drawing tools.

Main Features

  • A New Way to Embroider is Here The Skitch Single-Needle Embroidery Machine is ready for when you want to add some individual customization to just about any embroidery or design project.
  • Add Some New Life to Something Old Add custom embroidery designs to readymade clothes or even vintage apparel and show off your own personal style with the Skitch Single-Needle Embroidery Machine.
  • Artspira¹ Connection Design line-art-inspired drawings on your mobile device and transfer your new designs to your Skitch Single-Needle Embroidery with the free Artspira¹ mobile app via a wireless connection. With Artspira¹, creating a custom personal work of art has never been easier.
  • Small Footprint for Big Ideas The Skitch Single-Needle Embroidery Machine was designed with the environment in mind and uses ecologically smart materials for the body, as an effort to reduce carbon footprint. Its gender-neutral yet modern design eliminates the conventional image of women-centric sewing, making it accessible to all sewers, artists, creators, and makers.
  • Included Accessories The Skitch Single-Needle Embroidery Machine includes a Quick Reference Guide, scissors, cleaning brush, seam ripper, needle set, 2 pre-wound bobbins, disc-shaped screwdriver, spool presser mini, spool presser small, spool presser medium, spool presser large, magnetic frame (4” x 4”), electric cord, embroidery thread (black), felt, backing material.
  • Maximum Embroidery Area The Skitch PP1 Single-Needle Embroidery Machine has a maximum embroidery area of 4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm).
  • Maximum Embroidery Speed The Skitch PP1 Single-Needle Embroidery Machine has a maximum embroidery speed of 400 spm.
  • This machine is made for use in geographic areas that use 110V-120V power. Using this machine in an area with a different power supply is at your own risk and any damage caused to the machine from such use may void the limited product warranty.