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This month, we're once again featuring a customer whose background and interest are in both quilting and crafting.  We hope, as in past months, that you enjoy and are fascinated by each person's work.  Come in and see a sample of their talent on display in our store.

The quilter/crafter selected for our April showcase is customer Kathy Siegel.  Though she's only been quilting for a few years, Kathy is a life-long crafter who excels at most every project she takes on!

1.  How did you get started in quilting/crafting?

I have always done crafts.  It just interested me.  After I moved back to Chico, Gerri Cose brought me along to her sewing group.  That was the beginning of it all.

2.  What is one quilting/crafting notion that you can't do without?

I have several: my rotary cutter, seam ripper, and Frixion pens.  If I'm embroidering, then it's definitely my stabilizer.  But, if I had to choose just one thing, it would be the friends I've met. 

3.  If you're willing, please share a funny quilting experience that taught you a memorable lesson.

While I don't have a funny quilting story, I have learned so many lessons!  Measure twice, cut once:  That's the biggie!  Paying attention to the right size of the material BEFORE sewing it all together is another.  So many times, I've cut things the wrong size!

4. If it's possible to choose just one, what is your favorite quilt/project that you've made?

I really love both my Hanging Garden quilt and my Pumpkin quilt?  Then there's the Kimberbell Cuties that I've embroidered!  I love those, too!  I also love making the Season Pillows on my Solaris.

5.  What do you do with your quilts/crafts?

I display them in my house, give them to friends, and I've even sold some of my crafts.

6.  Have you ever received a quilt as a gift?  If so, please share a bit about the experience.

No, I have not.

7.  What type of quilting/crafting do you most enjoy?

I've really gotten into machine embroidery!  I love my Solaris and all of the many projects it allows me to make.  It just makes me happy when I'm sewing!

8.  We would love to include some personal details about you (anything you'd like to share) such as your profession, interests outside of quilting, future plans, etc.

I went to Chico State and I just loved it here!  I met my husband here, too!  We moved to the Bay Area where I worked at a knitting store (I enjoy knitting as well).  But, when we retired, we decided to move back to Chico.  We both love it!  I have two wonderful sons (one in Chico and one in Danville) and three beautiful granddaughters!  I love to paint and do all sorts of crafts.  I love and treasure all of my friends here in Chico and love Honey Run and Cathy's and all of their employees!