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1. How did you get started in quilting?

Growing up, my favorite aunt taught me how to sew. I’d stay with her every summer. I made my own clothes. After I got married, I’d make clothes for my kids, especially the girls. I’d make Barbie clothes for them too. My daughter wishes she’d kept them.
Fifteen years ago, my husband bought me a Babylock Quest as a surprise when I was visiting my daughter on vacation. I now use a Babylock Aria, which has free motion that I really like.

At the beginning of 2021, my husband passed away. It was a really difficult time for me. I don’t know what I would’ve done without my friends at Cathy’s/Honey Run. They really helped me get through it.

2. What is one quilting notion that you can’t do without?

My Kai scissors. They are so sharp! One of my pairs has a serated blade that is perfect for my art quilts. I’ve tried other scissors, but these work the best!

3. If you’re willing, please share a funny quilting experience that taught you a memorable lesson.

A few times, I’ve cut out pieces and then found out I cut the wrong size. Lots of quilts have been more difficult then I’d originally thought.

4. If it’s possible to choose just one, what is your favorite quilt that you’ve made?

My lighthouse and poppy art quilts! There’s no question about it!

5. What do you do with your quilts?

I give them away. I’ve made my whole family quilts.

6. Have you ever received a quilt as a gift? If so, please share a bit about the experience.

Yes, when I was 9 years old, my cousin and I both received quilts from our aunt (the one who taught me how to sew). She made them out of her favorite dresses. I wish I still had that quilt!

7.  What type of quilting do you most enjoy?

Art quilts because I’m an artist. I find them more challenging and more fun. In some ways, they’re easier because I can make my own design. But, they’re also challenging because there’s so much work involved. Being an artist, I have to have everything just right, which is frustrating some times. But, I love it!

8.  We would love to include some personal details about you (anything you’d like to share) such as your profession, interests outside of quilting, future plans, etc.

I’m a retired psychiatric tech. I paint water colors. For the last 60 years, I’ve raised sheep. When the kids were in 4H, they’d do sheep. I spin wool and am a judge for local fairs. I do special wool exhibits for the fairs. I raised and showed horses and rabbits. Future plans are to continue quilting and enjoy making quilts, painting, growing my irises.