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TwinOxide Spray Cleaner RTU Disinfectant 2.5 Gal


This item is not available for purchase online. Please call 530-895-8055 to order.

TwinOxide is the safest and most effective solution for removing disease-causing pathogens and contaminants. TwinOxide is a preferred disinfectant because it is:

• Effective against all microorganisms. 

• Easy to use and simple to apply.

• Free of hazardous byprod­ucts—unlike other traditional disinfectants.

• Not a chlorine-type disinfectant.

• Does not require wiping after spraying.


99.999 Percent Kill in Minutes—Including Coronavirus

Due to its unique oxidizing capacity, TwinOxide’s chlorine dioxide blend kills the full spectrum of viruses, bacteria, pathogens, biofilm, algae, fungi, spores, protozoan, yeast, and mold.


Do More with Less

Because of TwinOxide’s unique characteristics, users can achieve optimal sanitizing result while using significantly lower concentrations of disinfectant. TwinOxide’s lower disinfectant concentrations are safer to use than other traditional disinfectants, resulting in less eye and skin irritation and creating a safer environment people and their pets.


Application and Protective Equipment Information

TwinOxide can be sprayed, misted or fogged via a host of commercially available spraying, misting, diffusing, or fogging devices. i.e. Electrostatic Sprayers and Foggers

Protective Equipment when dispersing - use Eyeglasses with side protection, Hand protection is not required, Skin protection is not required, Respiratory protection is not required, Environmental Exposure protection is not required.