Notion of the Month

What is a "Hera" Marker?
A hera marker is a small hand tool with a sharp edge that leaves a temporary crease when you drag it across the surface of a piece of fabric or other material. The edge of a hera marker is not sharp enough to cut through the fabric or create permanent impressions.

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Donna Greenwald's Fun with Confetti

Donna is offering a technique class on making an art quilt with confetti. The lilacs in this wall hanging are an example of using the confetti technique to create an impressionistic image of flowers that contain too many tiny flowerets to use more traditional quilt techniques to complete.

Skinny Fat Bag Class

This bag is the skinniest, biggest bag you will ever need. It can be a small bag to carry a few things around in or expands to carry a full size quilt!

Serge with Janice

Janice is offering a series of classes on getting familiar with your serger.

Mar 25
Painted Forest with Jo
Mar 26
Introduction to Wool Applique Penny Rugs
Mar 27
Quilting 102 - Jacobs Ladder on Point

Welcome to Cathy's Sew & Vac!

Cathy's Sew & Vac has been a family owned and operated business located in Chico, California for over 35 years. We recently moved into a bigger and better location to better serve all of our customers, from Redding and Red Bluff to Yuba City and Marysville. Now we can offer more than just sewing machines and vacuums. And on Valentines Day of 2012 Cathy’s was thrilled to bring Honey Run Quilters and all that entails into our store. We invite everyone in to come and visit!

Why Shop At Cathy's

* We Stock It * We Explain It * We Demonstrate It * We Discount It * We Assemble It *
* We Have Supplies For It * We Service It * We Guarantee It *