Cathy's Sew & Vac/Honey Run Quilters Calendar

Scrap Happy Days

Make good use of your scrap stash!

Quilting 101 with Terri

Terri will start with basic rotary cutting skills all the way through the piecing of your quilt. This is a great workshop for learning the basics while you create a great quilt. We will offer a separate morning and evening session. Each session is comprised of 4 class meetings.

Quilt 103 Table Runner with Terri

Learn a new technique and have fun! This is the final is the beginning quilting class series.

Oct 24
Rag Quilt with the Fuzzy Edge Pattern
Oct 24
Destiny Folks
Oct 25
Double Snuggle Flannel Quilt

*Please note that all classes, events and workshops are to be paid for at least 3 days in advance to ensure we have plenty of the necessary supplies. Thank you!